What Did NBC Know About Abuse Of Athletes?

Did NBC know of abuse of Olympic athletes and fail to report the incidents to protect their own interests?

In association with Olympic committee staff and other officials who had records of abuse of athletes at Olympic games and incidents of sexual abuse at training facilities, did NBC cover the knowledge of the abuse  inflicted on athletes?

It seems that NBC being the principal rights holder of broadcasting the Olympics and coverage of athletes competing, would have reasons to suppress information or knowledge of abuse. Mainly to protect the image of the Olympics in association with ad sales.

Covering up known abuse is a federal offence. Child endangerment is a federal offewnce. Conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse is a federal offence.

Did NBC cover up reports that they had access to through their association with Olympic officials and doctors? Did NBC not know of the reports filed by the victims of abuse long before the Nassar incident was reported on?

Did NBC think the company would lose ad sales revenue if the Olympics was tarnished by a sex scandal?

Why are these questions not being asked? Why are these matter not investigated? Is it because it was too close the broadcasting of the Olympic games?

Were reports of sexual abuse ever discussed between the Olympic committee staff and NBC? If yes, what did NBC do to look into the abuse allegations? Anything?