The Constitutionality of dehumanization. Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Constitutionalizing dehumanization. Abortion and Planned Parenthood

The Constitutionality of dehumanization.

The main argument against abortion and Planned Parenthood should have always been the matter of Constitutionalizing dehumanization.
Dehumanization was openly and blatantly a part of the abortion argument.
The dehumanization of the unborn baby was the cornerstone of the principal of the abortion industry.
So, it was a matter of Constitution under the laws against dehumanization. If dehumanization could have been proven to be a commonplace reason for promoting and legalizing abortion then the matter could have been classified as unconstitutional. With respect to the relativity of the promotion and advocacy of dehumanization.

Considering the cover up of the highest fatality rates in the abortion statistics, world wide. (In America) Very sad, but true.

It came down to the matter of whether or not dehumanization could be accepted constitutionally. And the scientist determination, that the  unborn baby was a fetus and not human,  a thing, not human. That the baby magically transformed into a human lifeform (with rights) after it was born. That ultimately is what made abortion legal. Simply because the baby was classified as non human in the womb of the mother.

In reality choice had nothing to do with the matter. Dehumanization made a matter of choosing to eliminate a thing, like a growth or tumor. And that choice was made by the patient to have the procedure to eliminate the *growth by a doctor preforming the abortion.

Dehumanization also allowed for the distribution of body parts through laboratories. Even though the baby was outside of the mother, it was dead. And therefor not human. But was a baby that died during childbirth a human?

Could the parents or doctors do whatever they wanted to the body of that baby since it was dead? The answer of course is no.