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Jerry Sandusky (Penn State) Did Not Molest Children

   Jerry Sandusky did not molest children at Penn State. The charges against the officials for covering information and lying were dropped. Specifically, information from the incident in 2001 that never actually happened. Even though the fabricated 2001 Lasch building shower room incident was a part of the civil lawsuit against Penn State. The replacement officials agreed to settle, out of court, with the supposed victim who claimed damages from the incident. The actual incident never happened and there was no proof that it did. So, therefor the officials could not be charged with covering up for Sandusky in 2001, because there was no 2001 incident involving Sandusky or at the Lasch building, to begin with.
   The reason that Gricar dropped charges against Sandusky in 1998 is because there was nothing to investigate.
     Now let me tell you something. Just because Sandusky didn’t do anything in 1998, that doesn’t mean that nothing happened to any child who thought it was Sandusky. It just wasn’t Sandusky. The person who   the   investigators, and Grand Jury knew that was posing as Sandusky during that time, 1998,  was never mentioned to the court and the reports on that person, the imposter, were covered by the investigators and the police who had several reports on the imposter. People thought the imposter was Sandusky. All reports were covered about what the imposter did, telling people he was Sandusky. And trying to convince people he was Sandusky after he assailed people sand on some occasions assaulted people, physical assaulted people. There were police reports on those assaults and at least one arrest. The police knew he told people he was Sandusky. He told the police while he was being arrested in the dance hall that he was Sandusky. The arresting officer knew that he wasn’t, even though he looked like Jerry Sandusky.
    It is probable that the imposter did somehow molest children and had them to believe that he was Sandusky. That is probably true. And if it is it is bad but it is not Sandusky that molested the children.
  The worst part is that it seems as though the prosecution, Grand Jury, Freeh, police, and certain security agents knew that he was innocent all along.
    Jerry Sandusky did not molest children at Penn State University. The officials and Paterno did not cover any activities up that could have been about Sandusky molesting children or acting inappropriate in any way.
     The professionalism of Coach Paterno was unmatched in the annals of  college sports.
     Sandusky was falsely accused, framed and convicted.