That’s it! That’s it! I’m Convinced Newt Gingrich Should Be Our President!

    Can I get an amen out there!? Newt Gingrich should definitely be our next president.
   After hearing his live Facebook chat I decided that he alone, in the Republican party should be the candidate for president. Do you agree?
   His insightful support of Trumps separatist policies completely back up what Trump is saying about dealing with threats to Senator McCarthy’s war against anybody who disagrees with him. And they would be labeled and classified as un-American.   Likewise if you disagree with Trump you should be deported or not let in to America in the first place. This alone will help to really make America great again! Like in the days of McCarthy.
     Are you confused? Yes, McCarthy is dead but he is yet alive! A miracle! He is alive and is the invisible force behind the Gingrich /Trump campaign. Trump really wanted Gingrich, I think, instead of Pince.
     Just call someone a Muslim and have them deported. But ask them about their personal religious beliefs first. Makes sense to me.
     Republicans for Trump are happy.  I wander what the other 95% of Republicans are thinking now?
     Wishing Graham was the nominee? It can still happen.
      Disqualify Trump on discrimination charges and give the delegates to Graham at the convention.
      But first we need to be sure and ask every Muslim in America what their choice is for president…..