Post On Benghazi Incident – Did Clinton Downplay the Incident?


It seems the act of terrorism in Benghazi was classified as unimportant by Clinton and downplayed by the president. The question is what information was altered by the administration with respect to investigations into murder and terrorist plans to kill Americans. Why was information altered? And, why was the incident downplayed by the Secretary and the President?
When the truth came out about the nature of the incident, not being just a protest that got out of hand, but was actually, in all probability, an act of terrorism, then questions were raised about the statements made from Clinton’s’ office and the president in conference. (Call.)
Downplaying four murders and terrorism, or trivializing acts of terrorism, along with the attitude of (too busy to care) on the part of Clinton and the president, led to outrage on the part of politicians who claimed that there was information concerning the incident that proved involvement with the Taliban or al Qaeda networks. Then, questions concerning the possibility of a cover-up were raised. The main question seemed to be, why Clinton and the president would want to commit perjury by denying the facts or having information altered? The understanding that information was purposefully altered is what
brought about the outrage over the matter, in the first place.
Altering information while they downplayed the importance of the matter seems to reek of deceptions. But why? Deception in a matter like this leads to suspicion of cover-up. But what is it that they are covering up? Is there a cover-up? Personally, I believe that if Clinton and President Obama told enough lies about Benghazi, then there is probably a cover-up of something important. If not, then it’s probably just their usual incompetence mixed with irritating conceit.
Links: 2012 Benghazi attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Benghazi, Libya (Africa) American Embassy Compound attacked Sept.-11-2012 by heavily armed group.

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