Possession Connection In terrorism- pictures for France/Paris

   Are the possessed being led into committing acts of terror by leadership within the organizations of the  unholy?

Could it be  that the true Anti Christ is backing terrorist factions while religious fundamentalism is promoted in the media as the sole cause of militant acts of terrorism? Have government authorities in nations targeted by terrorists been too busy looking at one possible source of terrorism, when there could be several, including Anti Christ organizers? I think so….

let’s define evil as evil instead of trying to put it into a labeled package. It doesn’t matter what the causes, behind acts of evil are. What matters is understanding the policies of the organized terrorist and being able to defend against attacks with better understanding of  the who, what, where, and why of the threats that are real.

Possession of individuals that result in terrorist acts  can be and should be taken seriously by the church. It’s time to look into the matters of cults involvement in domestic violence and  terrorism. I think that might be the missing link.

Before the Tribulation comes, there will certainly be more possessions and those people who are controlled by the forces of evil will most likely commit more and more violent acts against innocent people.

Saints go to heaven to live with God. Death is not the victor. Terrorism is the devil’s way, not God’s way.

France, America and God will always stand with you against terrorists.