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Other Forms Of Abuse By The Church -Rights Violations- No Protections For Children

There were other forms of abuse by the church besides sexual abuse. Rights violations of all varieties were committed by churches against children without any protection or justice afforded on the part of the system in America.

Violence, intimidation, harassment, slander, threats, verbal abuse and name calling, abusive treatment by groups, bullying, ostracism, and more abuses were committed by the churches and congregational members. There was no help or laws upheld. Children faced these crimes and rights violations that were orchestrated by manipulative church leaders and congregation members, in matters of blatant discrimination and coercion. Fear tactics were a staple along with defamation. Physical assaults were ignored by the police and school officials and teachers. Teachers and police took part in false accusations against children and teenagers.

There has been no acknowledgement of rights violations by union members or police or church members or officials. It’s as if the sexual abuse coverage in the media covered up every other type of violation. Networks of violators acting against individuals in communities were never talked about. Their hate crimes were never discussed by the churches or organizations, unions, or the government. There were no rights advocates in reality. Rights were just a political game played to enhance favors under political practices of deception and false principals.