Brexit Good For America, America Good For Brexit

    The EU exit by Britain is a good thing, or can be a good thing, for both Britain and America. In financial terms, trade agreements between America and Britain can become stronger, making more opportunities in the marketplace for both trading partners. A more open immigration system between nations can be a positive social and economic generator for good.

    Specific protections for entertainment ventures and industry production rights guarantees in the market can also create incentive to operate in a more secured environment. Protection of copyright and patent can be very appealing to business and entertainment.

     The internet business has made many changes in business and there are positives but dealing with changes can also mean modifying national trade agreements and business, corporate financial models.

     Governments role in this  area is to enhance partnerships through fair and beneficial outcomes in a just system.

      Some hysteria on the part of world order leaders is understandable, with respect to any suggestion of independence that doesn’t directly favor their global network of financial partners.

      The Truth. The Foundation. The Spirit. The Victory. Welcome! “Open and it shall be knocked unto you.”