Take Down The New York State Flag- Same Reason Confederate Flag Was

   Take the New York state  flag down for the same reason the Confederate flag was taken down. It is more offensive than the Confederate flag. It’s more racist than the Confederate flag. The slave ships  depicted as a symbol of commerce in a state where the greatest activities in commerce and trade was slavery. The port in New York city was the number one slave trading port in this nation, in this hemisphere. The pictures on the flag represented slaves ships. Not just commerce.

   The flag represented the justice of manifest destiny and holy right. Eminent domain was a law of governance that supported the principals of ethnic cleansing and holy right. Manifest destiny was symbolized as a just eradication of other cultures and races.

    Slavery and ethnic cleansing were acceptable under manifest destiny. The flag represented these ideals. The gun ship on the flag represented the military and government power that protected commerce and ensured the control of the slave trade. The slave trade was controlled in the north and by the federal government, not the south.

     The Hudson river was the busiest river in the nation with the commerce of slavery. To say that the pictures did not represent that commerce is untrue. They, in fact, did. “Mr. President.” “Take down this flag!”




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