New York State Flag Is More Racist Than Confederate Flag

Excerpt from New York State Flag Facts; A three masted, square rigged ship and a Hudson River sloop navigate towards each other on the Hudson River representing commerce.  *(Slave commerce). The river is bordered by a grassy shore fringed with shrubs. New York State Flag Article- Facts

The question is: Did the designers of the New York State Flag intend to use the imagery of the ships as a representation of the slave trade in New York?

        Of course the New York state representatives would say no, but let’s ask the question – What was the number one commerce activity in New York at the time the flag was designed? Answer: SLAVERY. The number one port in America for the slave trade? New York.

To say that there was a separation of the idea of the imagery and the commerce of the slave trade, is rather misleading. The imagery of the ships instantly suggest a pride in their status as a port of slavery. The “Commerce of Slavery” so to speak. The number one industry in New York was the commerce of slavery. So to say the ships in the illustration did not represent slavery is a misnomer of sorts.

Historically, the State of New York has denied that the ships represented slavery.

The matter is whether or not the flag should be taken down for the same reason Confederate flags are  excluded from some locations. In that case, I believe that the New York State Flag should be replaced for the same reasons that the Confederate flag was removed. Either the flags that represented bad things in the past are changed or removed. That should be the policy. (As far as I’m concerned.)


* It should also be noted that even though it seems apparent that Hillary Clinton can’t read, (especially when it comes to making a determination on Constitutionality or researching matters pertaining to the laws of the United States of America) it comes as a surprise that she also can’t see well enough to know what’s “Up” with the State Flag that she represents.

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