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What I Would Say To The Church Physical Verses Spiritual

 To have a  heavenly identity. A spiritual identity. A spiritual body. A heavenly body. Friends heavenly like you. Things that are there. Like things in the world but heavenly in design. Food is heavenly food. Clothes are heavenly clothes. Emotions are pure in thought and kind and joyous.

   Or, if there was something that kept you from that. Kept you from seeing it, from knowing, feeling it. What would you do?

    A worldly act of physical reality or a spiritual future promised.

   Would you sacrifice one for the other?

   Not to judge, but to share the truth. That is my answer. That is what I would say to the church.

You can copy this for print or use for cutouts. I might make stickers later if  you want to use stickers for cutouts see DRRStore. Thanks.