Responses To Sanders Speech 6/23/16

  •    Medicare for all? No it would be expensive. And bureaucratic.
  •    Ban on assault weapons?  No. It would effectively do nothing to curb gun violence in America as the assault rifle is responsible for less than 1% of weapon violence in last ten years. Last year less than two hundred verses 25,000 for hand guns. The averages of violence are actually down.  The peak occurred in the 90’s. Most deaths by hand guns were suicides. Terrorist acts resulting in death with the use of assault rifles account to 71 in the last ten years. Banning assault weapons is not necessary.
  • Wall Street is the largest and most powerful special interest group in America.  No. The federal government and the conglomerated financial and political interests of the intelligence networks are.
  • Raising taxes on the corporations. No. Corporate taxes would penalize the middle class because of the investors in the stocks of companies. Taking of profits is also the primary concerns of the stockholders.
  • Everyone should be involved in labor unions? No. Labor Unions account for less than 15% of the workforce. Manufacturing base in the 50’s and sixties saw a rise in Union involvement. In service sector economic base today Unions are not warranted as much as before. Setting wages always goes along with price freezes and stagnating economic acts. See Carter administration.
  • Creating 13 million jobs through construction projects in infrastructure repairs and building. No. Those jobs are historically accomplished by highly skilled labor. Unexperienced worked are not hired on jobs like that. And in a lot of cases the people who are hired are from out of the country. Professional crews. They are also sub contracted.
  •  I agree with Sanders on some subjects.
  •  Fairness- More equality- better opportunity- better wages- Better jobs- Better education- Universal healthcare- Better housing- Better trade- Less violence- Improvements in the justice system- Ending corruption- Saving the middle class- Reinventing the system from the inside- Less government involvement in corruption in high finance- More security- Stronger -Safer-Happier- Free.

It’s just the matter of how to accomplish wanted outcomes. Not so much arguing about the reasons to.