Percentages- Rifle Deaths to Hand Guns- Stats -Read

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As it turns out. The deaths caused by assault weapons was about 1% of the deaths caused by hand guns. Banning assault rifles to curb gun violence without controls on hand guns would be stupid.

Politicians dramatize things, but sometimes they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

The stats are not out yet for 2015 but it will probably be about 17000 deaths by hand guns and about 200 by assault rifles.

Also, the real problems in most recent cases of killings by a person with an assault rifle has been in the majority of cases by a person who was mentally ill.

Adam Lanza was not a person who bought an assault rifle. The ban would do nothing to keep him from getting his mothers rifle.

Holmes was mentally ill, also.

The real number of people killed in America by assault rifles that were purchased by Islamic extremists last year is ….. less than 70. It’s less than 70 because the number of terrorist related killings was less than seventy for the decade. People actually killed by assault rifles is far less than 70. I cannot give an exact number.

The point is;  that the rhetoric about banning assault rifles to curb terrorism is ridiculous. Just like Lindsey Graham said.

Can better evaluation and treatment of the mentally ill help to keep mentally ill people from keeping or acquiring weapons? Wouldn’t that work better than trying to control 80 million weapons in order to keep Adam from getting a rifle from his mother?