Did Truman Make The Right Decision In The War Against Japan?

          In the circumstance of Hiroshima during world war two, the decision to drop the atomic bomb was made by President Truman. Truman, later quoted that his decision was made for the most part to save lives. In dropping the bomb, the Japanese officials were motivated to end hostilities. Without the end of hostilities millions of Japanese people would have continued to suffer. Millions facing starvation and suicidal military campaigns. Other reasons were saving the lives of troops. It is true that Japan could have surrendered and that would have saved countless lives, but the leaders would not surrender. Religion and mysticism played a role in the decisions of the leaders facing inevitable defeat.  Relying on help from their gods, they carried on with the war.  There were casualties from the bomb being employed in Hiroshima but the truth is that there would have been a far greater number of casualties if the war continued in Japan. The decision on the part of Truman wasn’t a popular one but it did save millions of lives and brought a swift end to the war against the nation of Japan.

Ending hostilities that costs countless lives and in turn promotes more hostilities, fostered by mysticism and fake religion could be accomplished. The question is whether or not it needs to be.