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One World Economy- Euro Union- (DRR 2016 Economic Advice) – + Latest Artwork

  “It’s been a long time since the days of DRR economic advise, but I thought it was time again to examine a policy shift in trade agreement.” LInk to article about German Negative Bonds.

    The question is whether or not assets were overvalued to stimulate growth in stocks? Somewhat like “The Big Short”.

     How will debt in corporate in China affect the economy of the world and the European Union?

     Is it advisable to leave the European Union and go independent?  Well, I think it would certainly be better to team up specifically, with more disciplined markets. But the Union may cause the downfall of ratings. So the best policy is to get out with guarantees from the US as the stronger market and designate trade as a enterprise in market fundamentals.

     The answer is yes. Exit the Union for your own economic benefit. Prepare for more volatility in Asian markets.


My latest artwork.