Huffington Post Get’s Political Points Out Of Twisting Orlando Story?

Huffington Post has somehow twisted the shooting in Orlando Florida by a deranged man who was acting out his fantasies of being a true Jihadist, fanatic, into a hate crime that is rooted in conservative Christian values.
Religion fosters hate and hate begats violence. But with the emphasis on hate by Christians. And Americans.
The hate fostered by the community the shooter was a part of and longed to be closely associated with was not mentioned by Huffington Post.
I would imagine a message of how hateful Americans are, toward certain peoples will show up on their post, somewhere along with the article twisting the shooting into a rant against Christian American values and religion in general. But not a mention of the religion of hate that actually caused the man to go over board in the first place. must have been writing before the incident and just modified it to fit a response to the shooting.
Did Huffington Post think it was a racist Christian hate crime?
It seems that they did to begin with.
Shame on Huffington Post for trying to get political points out of this tragedy.
There have been more mass shootings in America during the last term than in any other term in history.
Prayer works. Even if they take everything and leave you with nothing, still pray for America and those you love.
This is a good movie to watch with anyone. It’s called the Cokeville Miracle.