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About “Big Mike” Gun Control or Allowance (Opinion)

   I was thinking….. If Big Mike, (a thirty year old man with the mentality of a , seven year old, a State Schooler,) has a gun- is setting in the middle of a field outside of town by himself- is the fact that he has, in his possession, a gun…..  a matter of rights?

Is it a matter of gun control, or is it a matter of allowance? And how can allowance be regulated without the administration of rights through legislation?

    In the matter of allowance, the person has to be under some type of guardianship. In the matter of gun control, Big Mike, for example, must be identified through legislation in order to be regulated. In the process of regulation the matter of Big mike possessing a gun would be illegal. That in turn would lead to actions when he was seen or known to have a gun in his possession. And then the police would have to be called to check Big Mike for weapons.

    There’s no one to call the authorities on Big Mike setting in the field, alone, with a gun. No one knows he is there. No one knows why.    Was he afraid?

* And then the shot rang out…….

     Big Mike then proceeded to pick up the smaller man who was wearing a policeman’s uniform and carry him to the highway. There he could be seen by somebody and they could take him to get help. Except he was scared, so he waited until dark.

     Placing the body by the flashing hazard sign would help people to see the man laying there and they would help him. Big Mike did good and felt better about hurting the policeman. He then went home, back to school, or possibly back to another field where he laid down and went to sleep. Being afraid that the policeman people might get him in trouble, he wanted for the police man he shot really to die because that would mean that he wouldn’t get in trouble. Everything would be alright, then.

    The partner of the policeman, wandering what had happened to the officer out on call, did not see the police car as he turned the corner from the dirt road onto the highway. The police car was not seen. Possibly stolen after the incident but probably not by Big Mike.  As the other officer turned towards the flashing sign where he had decided to park the car, in order to get out and have a look around, he felt a bump under the car as if he had run over something…..

    In my life, sometimes I woke up in places not knowing where I was or how I got there. Confused, I would go walking.

    It is a matter of responsibility, I think. The question is not who regulates guns and whether or not Big Mike has the right or not to have or own a gun. It’s a matter of who is responsible for Big Mike and how can authority be regulated to make sure that he does not have in his possession a firearm. Maybe to check on Big Mike to see if he is doing OK but to also check to see if he is doing something that is not allowed for him to do. Like have a gun.

     Or someone to know why he is setting in a field outside of town, alone with a hand gun. maybe someone to figure out where he got it. That makes it a matter of concern for Big Mike and a matter of responsibility.