Religous Day With Pictures

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    First of all – when I exercise in the morning I do light stretches and mild aerobics by habit. The object with me and exercise is to alleviate soreness with gradual movement while increasing circulation. I do leg lifts to the front and back and in a circular motion I rotate my foot elevated two feet in the air. I then do presses for a while or push against the wall and move back and forth gently. Tring continually not to cause further damage to areas that are kind of worn down. Usually while I’m doing chores, in between times and the dishes and cooking.

     That brings me to the matter of how God sounds when he talks to  you. OK, here it is…when god speaks to you he talks to you in your language (he can do that) no matter what language you speak. He sounds like a man. Just like if you were talking to him on the phone and you could understand what he is saying. In you language. His voice to me was like a regular man’s voice. He spoke to me in English. When he spoke to me for the first time when I was a young boy, I knew it was him- even though I said that I didn’t know but I really did. He knew that I knew it was him.

    God talks to you in your own language. If your a woman I can’t say that he doesn’t talk to you in  a woman’s voice, maybe he does.

  If your a non talker he can communicate with you in a way that you understand.

     God speaks in a normal voice. To you. When he communicates.

     I’m not saying that speaking to you is the only way he can communicate with you, he can also write and do sign language. Inspiration is also a way of communicating, but not talking with inspiration or giving directions with inspiration. If he wants to give you directions to someplace he can inspire you to walk down a road, or climb a mountain, but he will probably talk you into it.

Cat setting in a chair on stage in Chicago at the Municipal Theatre. Painting by DRR.