If You Don’t Like Trump or Clinton Elect Lindsey Graham!

  If there are more people who don’t like Trump than do and more people who don’t like Clinton than do, in their respective parties, then there should be an effort to get people in each party to pick out a candidate they can live with in the White House. That candidate as far as… Continue reading If You Don’t Like Trump or Clinton Elect Lindsey Graham!


“Memorial Day” Blog New C 2

Memorial Day   Memorial to the soldiers who have served To those who have fallen in battle And those who lost their lives in service For POW’s herded like cattle To the lost. Never found but never forgotten Memorial to the people who were injured To those who suffered through tribulations For heroes never cured… Continue reading “Memorial Day” Blog New C 2

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BE Saved Out Of The Darkness – Requests- Lost Souls Seen Not Intentional

  This poster has several different sizes and formats. From 25 dollars up. Request posters or prints leave email with message. I haven’t submitted the work yet. I will use it on PH covers. Right now. You can paste link into search to get to my shop. http://www.redbubble.com/people/newc-designs/shop (Lost souls seen in poster artwork, not intentional.)