“I’m Still Saying Jerry Sandusky Is Innocent

Article Link On Jerry Sandusky Appears In Court- “I’m Still Saying He Is Innocent.”

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Just a reminder. If anybody has actually read what I wrote about the Sandusky investigations and Penn State trials, he is innocent. I know he is innocent. I knew he was framed. The court accepted false evidence. Allowed false testimony and the investigators covered evidence. Fabricated story about 2001. Left out information that invalidated testimony. Covered information that proved the prosecution lied. And so on and so on.  Witnesses also gave coached testimony.

Jerry Sandusky is innocent.

Don Robbins 10/29/2015——

Jerry Sandusky is innocent. As weird as that sounds and as awful as it is to do to an innocent man. Jerry Sandusky is innocent. I knew it from the beginning. I’m still saying it. Jerry Sandusky is innocent of the charges. He was falsely convicted.

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