About The Memorial In OKC Being Removed. _Our True Rights As Americans- Pics.

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http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/10/06/446368169/oklahoma-removes-10-commandments-monument-from-the-state-capitol (link)

Article On Removal Of Ten Commandments Memorial In OKC

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My solution to their problem of having the Ten Commandments memorial sculpture at the Capitol in Oklahoma City is;

1. Buy the land from the state that it sets on or ask the Native American tribe who lived there before the Capitol was built ( before the state) if it is OK with them to keep the Monument there. If it’s OK with the tribe and or the State will sell us the land for a dollar, as an example, then it can be returned.

* It wont be setting on state land. So there’s no argument.

2. Public property should be public. Not State property. The State controlling property against the will of the people and in attacking the Constitution by usurping the people of their rights, should not be a reason to defy the common agreements of the people.

3. The separation of powers does not mean Church separated from people in the state or state separated from people in the church. If there is no common ground, there is no nation, only a separatist, intolerant, dictatorial, state of reason. Reason that is not reasonable in the assessments of who we are as a people. Not just who we are as defined by the state separatists, as a common citizen under their rights and authority  of the state, labeled as a world citizen and not thought of as Americans.

Americas are who we are. The state needs to learn to live with that fact and stop trying to get us to be the drones of the state dictated bee hive. The government is not our Bee Keepers. It isn’t our job to pollinate the flowers of government tyranny.

Just grant the ten feet of space, Call it American property and put the monument back. If other religious groups who were not mentioned in the Constitution with respect to powers and the state, if they want to build a monument on private land that isn’t hate or war or mockery, then let em.

Go ahead. But remember, the state isn’t state land separated from God, it is our land and we are not separated from God by the decree of the state.

End of argument. Put the Memorial back on our land.