First Post- From New C- Pics- Fish Bread!


Don Robbins (Me)

In the past, with other blogs, I had a section on religion. I gained up to 750 page views a day. I got caught up in Google analytics and they kept accusing me of robots. Robots are automatic feeds to search engines. They generate links to stores and stuff. I learned better than to place a link on a page that gets more than a few views a day.  Sometimes I felt for people who never got views on their sites. I knew I could help but there are better helpers out there to go to for help in gathering interest and traffic to your site.

On this blog you can copy pictures. And if you like, posts about topics. The comments are open. Add a comment if you want to.

The first topic I would like to talk about on the New C Truth and Untruth blog is “Fish Bread.”

What is Fish Bread? – Fish Bread is bread with fish in it. Cooked in a skillet. Usually fried. I like it that way. It tastes good! It is easy to make from scratch. Just make regular biscuit mix, (here’s a good recipe to start with from CRISCO). Thank you CRISCO! You don’t have to use CRISCO you can use regular vegetable oil or even margarine. On a diet use olive oil. Here’s the link. It’s not an ad.

http://www.crisco.com/recipes/buttery-cheddar-biscuits-1320 Biscuit recipe from Crisco.

Just add fish. Make sure fish is cooked before adding. I use Pink Salmon in a can, or sometimes I cook fresh fish. Cut the fish up and mix in with the dough. Try not to smash the fish. If your batter is stiff add some water.

One can per dose of batter. Fry in pan. You can add onions, pepper, salt. Cheese. After you get the hang of it, you can experiment with other ingredients.

Prayer adds the most important ingredient! Jesus!

Always reminds me of the fishes and the loaves of bread story in the bible. Well, have fun!

And here is a picture I took today.



Leaf Cutter Insect! See the leaf?