The answer to affordable healthcare -now- Truth about Medicaid- Policy Standards Needed

Answers To Healthcare Policies – Necessary Changes- System Modifications That Will Work

People who think Medicaid is insurance coverage provided through Obamacare

  Medicaid isn’t selected insurance coverage. Medicaid is basic insurance provided by the state you live in.

Under Obamacare people are provided with Medicaid in the state they live in. They’ve been told that the coverage was different than Medicaid before Obamacare, it isn’t. It’s the same product in a different package.

{Poor} People who didn’t have insurance coverage before Obamacare, were actually covered  by their state Medicaid policy. The only people who are covered now, that were not covered by Medicaid before, are those who did not qualify under state guidelines on earnings. Since Obamacare was established that number  makes up about 2% of the people covered on Medicaid.

*The lower income insurance coverage exchange policies are different than Medicaid. Although the lower range policies are not much different than Medicaid coverage.

The answer to affordable healthcare -now- is to beef up the policies without exchanges- call for across the board standard of care on private insurance and state policies. Return to criteria based care. Expand MD’s range of in office care while cutting back on unnecessary specialist care. Offer basic care packages in hospital in association with preventative care ordered by MD’s. With follow ups and progress reports with incentives on financial rewards for good heath behavior. And modifying basic care and specialty care into separate facilities, with reference.