“WHERE ARE THE MISSING REPORTS”? Ray Gricar-Police-Security Penn State Incidents 1998- Sandusky Imposter Cover UP.


 This report was from my initial inspection into the matter of the investigations and what I could learn about the Grand Jury investigations. It is now known that Sandusky was framed and the officials were falsely accused. Investigators had wrong information, yes, but some information was left out and some was fabricated. Reports were also covered about the  imposter and the making of the video tape framing Sandusky.


Ray Gricar -Wikipedia-  The Centre Country DA that looked into allegations against  Sandusky and dropped investigation.

Update: State Police Take Over Gricar case} They have taken over the case.

They knew it wasn’t Sandusky in the complaints report. They knew it wasn’t Sandusky in the shower room, even though they never said anything about the incident. The reports should be there. (From 1998 incidents in and around the Morgan building.)

The city police were investigating a suspicion about Jerry Sandusky and they happened upon a report about an incident that same day, in 1998, concerning Steinbrenner in a shower room in the Morgan building. (With the man who was mistaken for Sandusky.) Mistaken for him in the building and outside the building. The police knew it. And the security guard knew it was not Sandusky and wrote a report on the incidents.

I believe there was a possibility of foul play concerning the security guard that was a witness to what occurred in the shower room. And if Gricar figured out that the security guard came up missing or dead, because he was a witness, that might have been the reason that he came up missing, himself.

If someone reported seeing a man with a child that looked like Jerry Sandusky, in the Morgan building, (in 1998) it wasn’t Sandusky, was it? Answer: “NO” Then who was it?

“It was the man who was with Steinbrenner that looked like Sandusky.” I know that because I was there.

It seems that if the security guard was gotten out of the way because he saw Steinbrenner and the others in the shower faking a molestation on the video, with a man who looked like Sandusky, then they probably broke into the office where the report was and got the report from the office.

 I, saw the men in the office, that night. later  at the Alamo Bowl I saw the same man who was in the office in the Student Athlete Services Building.

(NOONE  saw any strangers in the Smeal Building that night.)

I said we saw the men in the office and the door was locked from the inside. It was the same night Calhoun said he saw the man with a child in the Smeal building. But like I said, no one saw Calhoun or any man during that time, in the Smeal building. The teacher from the Morgan building and I walked over to the Smeal building after we reported the men in the office, in the Morgan building to security.

*It was funny that Calhoun had the keys to the office in the Morgan building.

Consequently; it wouldn’t do any good for them to remove the report about Steinbrenner unless they got rid of or silenced the security guard, first. Would it?

{ Ray Gricar -Wikipedia-  The Centre Country DA that looked into allegations against  Sandusky and dropped investigation. Reports written were on imposter, not Sandusky. People thought the man was Sandusky. The police knew he was not Sandusky.)

(Update:State Police Take Over Gricar case}