Baltimore. Come Back.

Baltimore. All Is Well. Come Back To Peace.

Somebody told me something but I didn’t know if it was true. Does the truth make any difference anyway, Baltimore? Is it just what the TV personalities want you to hear? And what happens when we ask God for the truth? Baltimore. He answers us by telling us that he is with us. So, can you know the truth if he is not with you? Is the truth of the thoughts of a self serving man more informative than the truth of the real truth? Do we measure the truth with the amount of media coverage it receives? Or is the truth something that we see from within our own soul? How does the soul measure the quality of the speeches of men who claim that God seeks what the bible tells us that he doesn’t seek? And if he does why would he need men to serve him in what he says not to do? In a way that he tells us not to be? Why try to put the continual strife of men into the truth of the spirit of God and measure it against outcomes that are asked for by men who are being untruthful? Putting the vanity of men above the wisdom of God serves no interest in truth, does it? Baltimore? Tell the truth. How can a man know the thoughts of another man? How can a determination be made about the future, before anything even happens. How can someone be to blame for something that is out of their control? Unless there is a conspiracy to harm a stranger for no apparent reason? Why judge men for the worst when there is only accusations based on something someone thinks and not facts. The system needs common sense, not common condemnation of everyone except the accusers. We are not condemned by God. We have salvation. The least of us has been paid for by the death of Jesus, like all others who are sinners. The truth of Jesus sets men free. The wisdom of God shared makes for a better day. Wisdom is only the application of the truth and love that God shares with us, to those who are in need. Does Baltimore need the truth? First forgive. Love. Love your neighbor. Love God. Love is the commandment. Condemnation does not put a man over any other in God’s eyes. Why do you stray continually from his blessing? Come back to love, come back to peace. Come back to peace come back to reason. Come back to truth, come back to wisdom. Seek wisdom. Seek truth. Seek peace and Love will follow. Be blessed and be quiet. The lord is with us. Be at peace. All is well. In the truth of Jesus. All is well. Peace.

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