WordPress- Don Robbins -A cover up of a cover up was the real cover up at Penn State.

(A man posed as Jerry Sandusky, committed crimes, the police covered it up and blamed Sandusky.)

In 1998.   I thought the police, covered up  what the imposter had done close to the Student Services Admin building. I think that they started to frame Sandusky at  that time.

I mean, that was what I believed to be the start of them using Sandusky, to cover the other guy. (The imposter.)

Apparently, there was an attempted frame up on Sandusky at the Alamo Bowl. That is very disturbing. It means that the person who initially made the claim against Sandusky was coached by the people who attempted to frame him and those people knew about the imposter and possibly conspired against Sandusky. Was the imposter at the Alamo Bowl?

This means that they tried to cover the guy at Penn State in 1998 in the Student Services building incident  by suggesting the man was Sandusky. The man who caused the disturbance in the building was the same man who caused another disturbance outside of the building after the shower room incident.  This is the time line:

(1998 Shower room incident in the Student Services Building )  Calhoun believed the man he saw in the shower room was Sandusky. It wasn’t. The incident was (covered up) by the police.  –  Security guard wrote incident report. –  Sandusky was suspect in the disturbance. He wasn’t mentioned in the security report. The security guard knew the man causing the disturbance was not Sandusky. (A report was written.)  Disturbance after the incident outside the building- Police were called and responded.

Actually, it was the imposter that caused the disturbance. Police knew the man was not Sandusky. (This incident happened before the Alamo Bowl.)

This incident happened before the Alamo Bowl. And then, the interview in the woman’s house, with police in the back room listening to the conversation.

In reality, the police were trying to get Sandusky to admit he was in the Student Services building taking a shower with a child. This would implicate him because people thought they saw a man in the shower room at the Student Services building  with a child and heard screams. He didn’t implicate himself so the matter was dropped.

   It seems like the police were involved in framing Sandusky. I believe they were.

   These activities were covered up by the Grand Jury investigators and by Freeh investigators.

    I believe that witness tampering also took place. The security guard report on the imposter has never been mentioned. The security guard who wrote the report has never been heard from.

   It is apparent that Sandusky was framed and several agencies took part in falsely  accusing Penn State and wrongly convicted Jerry Sandusky.

   There was a cover up at Penn State by the city police. And a cover up of the original cover up was done by investigators.

  A cover up of a cover up was the real cover up at Penn State.

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