“The Affordable Healthcare Truth Finally Comes Out”

With Scanners For Your Micro-Chip Implant!
With Scanners For Your Micro-Chip Implant!

Obama believes that America is a world nation state where everyone is welcome as long as they agree with his Liberal philosophy. He needs all the outside support he can get. Especially from the largest corporations.

It is now perfectly clear that the largest corporate medical firms are poised to reap huge profits at the expense of the middle class in America and were in fact pro Affordable Healthcare Act from its inception.

The increased costs and lesser quality care is unavoidable. Obama Care Subsidies are the cutting edge in cost transference. There are more costs for less care, with affected premiums or higher taxes that hide costs behind government technicalities. Either way, the overall costs are higher for the citizens, while the smaller business entities suffer from increasing bankruptcies. As was predicted. And cuts to existing care has been overshadowed by positive messaging in the media, but most of the not exactly factual media coverage on important issues has been to downplay the negative effects on real care for the poor, disabled, and elderly.

Turning five million jobs over to people from other countries is Obama’s care for the lowest income Americans and the working impoverished. More tricks to exclude the poorest from medical care by channeling more and more people into substandard care while local hospitals face the corporate takeovers spells the true aim of the Affordable Care Act.

Profiteering from the demise of smaller medical care facilities was a plan worked into the overall effect of Obama Care to begin with. It may not have been an obvious strategy on the part of the government advocates and writers of the Affordable Health Care package but it is now obvious that the idea to bring profits to the largest and most influential was drawn out in the planning stages of the legislation.

Hurt the little guys. Make the huge corporate entities richer at everybody’s expense. Deceive the middle class and cost them more money for less services. That’s the Affordable Health Care Act in a nutshell.