DonRobbinsNewCMagazine -The incident in 2001 happened. (In the Morgan Building)


via DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.2001 Lasch Building Incident Fabricated- Evidence Falsified- Witnesses Coached

They took  information from an incident that happened in 2001- a year before McQueary said that he reported seeing Sandusky in the Lasch building. And then claimed that the information from the Morgan building incident had to do with Sandusky, in the Lasch building, but it didn’t.


The incident in 2001 happened. (In the Morgan Building) But, it didn’t include Sandusky. The investigators for Freeh and Kelly only said that it did. It didn’t. They lied and said it did but it didn’t. No one ever knew. No one checked the source of the 2001 incident. The officials were accused of covering information that had nothing to do with Sandusky.

The testimony from 2001 had to be coached. In other words they lied.