DonRobbinsNewC magazine2 Victims Coached- Evidence Falsified -PSU 2001 Evidence.

DonRobbinsNewC magazine2

via DonRobbinsNewC magazine2.”The PSU/Sandusky Prosecutors Used 2001 Evidence But Balsified It” (Victims Testimony Was Coached)

   We know victim #2 changed his story. He could not diagram the shower room. Or which shower room in the Lasch building.

    Knowing that the 2001 incident never took place in the Lasch building, and covering the fact that an incident did take place in the Morgan building, in Feb of 2001, the supposed victim #2 must have been coached by the prosecutors in making up a story about 2001.

    Looking at the testimony from a standpoint if keywords used, I would speculate that certain phrases were told to the victims in private and they used the terms they were told to use in testimony. Such words as attacked, role model, victimized, were used in characterization and seemingly coached into their statements.   

         The information they (the investigators) had about 2001 was acquired from the Morgan building incident. The information, (Not what McQueary first said.) but the physical information from reports about the incident in the Morgan building. The actual information from the actual incident that happened.   The evidence. The information. From 2001.  The evidence they had about an incident in 2001.

  The POLICE report (from the Morgan building incident) – the Security guards report- (from the Morgan building incident) Paterno’s report- (from the Morgan building incident) The page in Schultz’ office about the incident. The administration report. The witnesses to the actual incident. (I was one of them.) The actual information from the Mogan building incident was used as evidence, about a story they made up about a 2001 Lasch building incident.

 There is no other recorded incident from 2001. The evidence was suppressed. That 2001 evidence was suppressed by the prosecutors. The information from an actual incident in 2001 was falsified and used to try and prove a story that was made up about the Lasch building.

   The incident was falsified.

  The victims were coached.  There was no Lasch building incident in 2001. All the evidence was concerning the Morgan building incident. The prosecutors used the evidence but falsified it.

   They also had to cover up the actual incident reports and what Paterno wrote into his office log about the Morgan building incident.

    I believe the falsified evidence was shown to the NCAA. And with that, they made the decision to pursue sanctions against the University and punish the officials.