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via Truth- Jesus- Religion in Atrocities-Jesus is the Way! | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.Truth- Jesus- Religion in Atrocities-Jesus is the Way!

       The acts of contempt for others were committed in association with each other in the various religious communities.

   Slavery began in the Muslim community in Africa and the Middle East. Christian dominated nations in Europe followed the lead in slavery. (During colonization.) The Crusades and Inquisitions played a role in protecting smaller nations from complete domination; sometimes the churches who led in missionary relief efforts were persecuted by their own governments or churches in turn.
   There were religious leaders who advocated slavery, most did not.

 Hundreds of years later -after the beginning of the exploitation in the Africa’s and other places in the world, including Asia and the Middle East, the practices in slavery and colonization – stemming from the international community- found their way into America.

Today, slavery is still justified in many religions. Mostly in the poorer countries and concentrated in Africa and in some areas of Asia and the Middle East. Modern day slavery thrives under the watchful eyes of too big to care governments and in association with authority actions such as community based societies and policing.

God does not promote or support slavery. Peace, righteousness, love, compassion, justice, equality in life and in Heaven is the way of the teachings of Jesus. Jesus is of God. His son.