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Net Neutrality-

   The internet is not a corporate owned property. Corporations in communications networks want to control aspects of the information you get by placing a value on the information and regulating the output of information from the servers to your computer.
   This gives the companies that carry signals the ability to design outlets for information that you will lock into when you search. It also allows for designer commercial feeds dedicated to your demographic. That means that you will be regulated to a specific playground.

  Now let’s say for example you wanted to see a movie and it is still in the theatres. If there is enough people with enough money -they can channel the movie to the output from the servers so they can watch the movie. But, if your on a lower channel you wont be able to watch the movie on your search engine.

   The higher quality info streams, (The Speed Of The Search and Load) the faster you will get to the page-the less buffering-the less stalling out on search.
   The lower quality, the slower you will get to the page. The more stalling out, and problems will occur.
There will be a difference in an open channel network where everyone can get to a page or APP, or service, even if it is slower because of your provider speeds. And one that is separate under the ISP. (Internet Service Providers)

  For Example: In a case , because of where you live, you can’t get the same service as other people. Or, you have to pay three times as much for the same service.
  Those things need to be considered when it comes to the ability of huge companies to dictate terms to the consumers without effective protections for the interests of consumers except for “Buyer Beware”.
  The Net doesn’t in itself have to be over regulated by government watchdogs. And the government needs to regulate in moderation. The Corporations need to be on a guideline of  of authority but not dictated by government authority.

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