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In and before 1998 at the Morgan building shower room. The guy who looked like Jerry Sandusky was running around the campus, and shower rooms, doing stuff to make people believe it was Jerry Sandusky. Him and his accomplice.
   Calhoun saw the man once, at the same time I did, in 1998 in the shower room in the Morgan building. (Student Athlete Services). Calhoun was told that the man was Sandusky, but it wasn’t actually Sandusky.
   Apparently the imposter was in the Lasch building in 2000, when Calhoun and Petrosky saw him in the shower room with his partner. Calhoun believed it was Sandusky but it wasn’t. It was the same man he saw in the Morgan building in 1998.
    I believe that McQueary also saw the same man in the Lasch building in 2002.
    I believe that the man who looked like Sandusky was told to do things to make people suspicious of Jerry Sandusky.
    I believe that if there was a child abused by a man who was thought to be Sandusky it was actually the imposter. NOT SANDUSKY.
 But I also believe that there was conspiracy in the testimonies against Sandusky before and during the trial.
  The evidence from 2001 was falsified. It was possible to check the information and conclude that the information wasn’t about Sandusky in the Lasch building in 2001.
       I believe the prosecutors acted with Freeh and Kelly and set the officials up and accused the University as they implicated Sandusky and falsely accused them of wrongdoing.
  I believe Jerry Sandusky is innocent.
 I believe the Penn State officials were accused when the prosecutors knew they had committed no violations.
  I believe that the NCAA acted irresponsibly in the matter. They should have checked the evidence from 2001. They didn’t. They should have taken into consideration the possibility of the school –Sandusky-the officials being set up. They didn’t.
   When the facts are considered, in the future, about the framing of Penn State by investigators and State agencies, with support from local officials and authorities, I believe that the reasoning behind the actions against Penn State were fostered in politics. I believe that validating and substantiating Query laws was a primary motivation in the actions of corruption that led to the false imprisonment of Jerry Sandusky and the false accusation against the University and Penn State officials.
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 The Department Of Education investigation; Where is the 2001 incident information?  Is collusion a part of this picture?