\”More successful outcomes begin with peace and understanding.\” Peace and Justice- | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine


via \”More successful outcomes begin with peace and understanding.\” Peace and Justice- | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.

  ” No one is totally committed to a particular reasoning, when it comes to religion or politics.”
   “Staying with the overall game plan and being resilient in ones own guidelines of maintaining actions based on a wanted outcome, is how to conduct personal affairs- when in a leadership position.”

   “Leading through example as well as the process of communicating and validating the end results to the concerned, is the indivisible part of political consciousness. And the most important part, is to be continually aware of the importance of liberty, and of course, free speech goes along with liberty.  

   There are limits to free speech. You know that by watching the authorities actions from the news, when they arrest people for threats and terrorist actions that are publicized.
  Slander is also an act that can be considered a crime. Upholding the laws when it comes to defamation and slander can help to protect the offended from continual harassments, when verbal abuse or malice is apparent. The laws can work to prevent defamation and exploitations in the media. Discrimination always carries the two on it’s back. Slander and defamation work together, a lot of times with discrimination.

    If you can prove discrimination with respect to the use of slander or defamation, because of imagery that is aimed at a particular group, as to effect harm through the negative images- then that would be the way to go about seeking justice -when you feel offended by the actions of magazines or newspapers and television programming.

    Protest and seek justice through the courts and with reason. Do not be violent when you think injustice has occurred. Work with people to show them how you feel and hope for respect as they respect you. Please do not lash out in hatred and violence or harm others or yourselves because of misunderstandings.
  Understand first.

   The peaceful road to justice is always the more successful road. More successful outcomes begin with peace and understanding.

  God praises peace-not violence.