DonRobbinsNewCMagazine Romney 2016! (MITT Fix)


via DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.

I think Romney is a true Conservative with strong family values who understands business and has the ability to team up and fix problems that are complicated. I think he can be moderate when it comes to getting things done. We don’t need more far right or far left politics. We need a candidate who knows the ropes and who can get the nation back on the right track again after eight years of political game playing by the far left radicals headed up by Obama.
   I can’t think of any area in our society or in the area of international business or domestic policies that would not have been better today if Romney would have been elected President, instead of our beloved delinquent President Obama. He just hasn’t ever been there for us, but I think Romney can be.
   I think he will be a great President. That’s why I support Romney. I can tell you- If I ever got the finances back I lost because of what Obama and company did in 1993, I would give as much support to a Republican candidate as allowed. That would be a lot. Mitt Romney is what America needs in 2016!