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Community based policing fosters recruitment -Results In Apathy. =Violence (End Violence)

  Nigeria: Community based government (in the international community) has the same effect on society and  violence – as does community based policing. 

    Paris: Community based policing has the same effect in society (as with respect to violent acts of crime and terrorism) as does community based international government.
   It is not the idea of community based policing that is detrimental, in the long run. It’s the reality of what happens in differing circumstances, on a day by day basis.
   When there is corrosion to one part of a bridge, it has to be checked before the damage causes the whole bridge to collapse. This is why community based policing is such a failure.
  When it comes right down to it; The corrosion on the bridge is equitable to the apathy to circumstances of injustice in areas of lesser status, even if they claim support or equality, in government and law. We know what the claims of equal treatment under the laws actually mean, by this time.

   Freedom (as a propagation) is no excuse to let hatred and crime and violence flourish in troubled areas -while the local governments concentrate on protecting the wealthier from the troubled in the troubled areas, that is actually their methodology in dealing with social issues.

   Look at the outcome of mayor Cuomo -for example – in education spending. More than eight thousand dollars more per student in wealthier districts. The same doctrine applies to crime spending and rehabilitation verses jail time for non violent offences. *And yes, there is a relationship between education (lack of) and violence.
       { Cuomo- Mayor of New York City- Dem. }
   Community based policing fosters recruitment into organizations that are unchecked. Some of those organization are more controlled by extremist leaders than other major crime network organizations.
   The same seems to apply to nations that are led by extremist leaders in government and law.