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via DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.Washington Legislative Factory- “The Lawyers Dream” Obamacare Slop

   It’s not about Democrat or Republican -in the act legislation passage. (Obamacare)
   Republicans didn’t hate Kennedy (Ted) it’s just that when it came to healthcare reform, the man simply didn’t know what he was talking about.
   Legislation that is based on facts and assessments by bipartisan groups should have been considered more worthy of  discussion, to begin with.
   Regardless of the crap legislation, called Obamacare,  (officially) The Affordable Health Care Acts, the process incorporated in passing it needs to be modified.
  Aspects of the workings of politicized partisan  acts could and should be considered unconstitutional. But……
    The principals of checking the constitutionality 
of the legislation were dissolved by past Congressional legislation.
   The idea of speeding up the process or saving time isn’t sane, when it comes to dealing with the legislative factory in Washington.
     Leaving the states or even individuals to deal with the slop of Obamacare passage.
     Ten thousand lawsuits -The lawyers dream.
   Elect more.