Soul (What It Is) Explained by Don7

When I was four years old a woman came to the house I lived in and squirted me with lighter fluid and left. I then picked up the lighter on the TV and struck it and went up in flames. I was burned over a third of my little body with third degree burns. I was rushed to the hospital.
In and out of several different hospitals, over a period of a year, until I finally came back to my home. While I was there I got an infection and was taken back to the hospital. Infections are very dangerous when the person is severely burned.
While I was  in the hospital  room I saw a little girl with her parents.  I asked her where they were going. She told me they were going to the church downstairs. And I asked if I could go. They said no.
I followed them anyway, to the elevator and saw how to push the button to open it. I don’t think I had ever seen one before that day.
I went down stairs and the little girl was coming out of a room with her parents. They didn’t say anything to me.
As they were leaving, I entered the room. There, in there room, was a man standing behind a thing they stand behind in church when they preach. He was wearing a white robe that was decorated. He had a tall pointed hat on with some type of decorations on it too.
I asked him if it was a church. He asked me if I could read. And I said no.
He said come here, and motioned me to him behind the stand. I walked behind the stand and he placed me on a box so I could see the book. It was a bible.
He said “Read this.” And I said I didn’t know how. He said, “look at this word and remember it, it says whosoever.” I said OK. He said, “look at this word.” And it said believes. The next word said on. The next word said my. The next , name. (You get the picture.) “Shall live and shall never die“. And then he said, “Do you believe that?” And I said yes. And then he said I could go back to my room. So, I went back to my room.
When I got to my room it was empty. There was a curtain around the bed. I then went out into the hallway and stood around. I didn’t know what to do. I was waiting for the nurses to ask them what to do. I then went back into the room and there was a man kneeling by the bed. In the bed there was a little boy about my age and I heard him say, “Will you come and see me there?” The man said , “yes”. The little boy was me. The man was my father. The man seemed despondent. The boy closed his eyes.
I tried to say something but the man ignored me. He walked out of the room. I followed him but I couldn’t catch up. I could not walk very fast. I called out but the sound faded and no one heard me.
After that I saw a nurse. She took me to get ice cream in the cafeteria. And then back to my room. I got into the bed and went to sleep.

After that day no one ever came to the hospital to see me. Not for a long time. When Christmas came, the doctor that I had always had, asked me about my parents. I told him I had not seen them for a long time.
The doctor called my parents and they came to see me at Christmas. I was in another hospital and had not seen them in over a month.
I went home a few days after Christmas.

The person standing in the room looking at himself and his father was a soul. The soul is the spiritual copy of the person. It exists as one with the person usually until death, I suppose. Or, in some cases it separates and comes back. Many people have had similar experiences.
Body and soul is the life of the person. The soul is forever and will be reunited with the physical body in heaven, or in the resurrection.

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