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dbf2c-netrThis is a picture of the post card for or against Net Neutrality, Personally I am for Net Neutrality, with reservations. The main thing I’m concerned with is whether or not the  government can use Net Neutrality as a stepping stone to call for  more and more control over the internet. And then at that point give the mega corporations exactly what they want. Like in Cable TV.

      One thing we don’t want is another 500 channels of nothing for more and more and more money. You can just see it coming. Slower and trashier internet viewing for more and more money. The continual torment of corporate greed controlling every aspect of everything. Is there anybody or anything that isn’t a commodity? Is freedom for sale?

      Let’s keep the internet equal. But you send the post card to your Senator and check whatever box you want.

      For orders: Contact me at donrobbins5@outlook.com

    The post card is better than the picture. I just placed the picture for you to get an idea of what it looks like. I didn’t want another design to go into somebody else’s uses. I worked for two years and never made a penny at Cafepress. Something aint right about that. Other than Google Analytics, but that’s another post.

      The cards are $15.99 or less, depending on shipping charges.  If you order bunches and bunches for you company or church or something, they’re probably less. Just contact me at donrobbins5@outlook.com

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