Bing-From Don Robbins Net Neutrality Post Card Available For Orders!


via Bing.

   It seems that- Net Neutrality- isn’t the most popular subject on my blog. But, since I have zero views and I’ve never ever sold anything on Cafepress, (even though they continually advertise my products) and I have to pay Google for Analytics, if I can figure out how to attend the university classes necessary to learn how to communicate with them( and then -“Pause” —- figure out how to sign up for Analytics as a single person, not a corporation; I’ve decided to give the readers, (that are apparently just numbers and not real people) an opportunity to purchase a post card to send to your Senators that has a Vote box on it concerning whether or not your for Net Neutrality.

 Like P=NP. Or, that proves P=NP! And so I win a million dollars from a trust in MIT , somewhere. !!!!

     And then here it is! [the Post card picture that I will never sell or get credit for selling.] I also desided to give up on spejlling and piunctuations. 


    Now, if I can just get a application to go to work for Google. …./ ,  Beep! Beep! Bop! Bip! Bip! Bleep! Dot! Dot! Space- Blank. **7%%^4%##dF@@Sfd.


   It’s actually a link and I didn;t know it!


Not the actual picture but it looks like it. I put this picture out so it can’t be copied and used without my permission or so somene can steal everything I design and use it on their (deyuh) Manager account- in association with Google Analytics, apparently.

If you want a real post card I’m taking orders at donrbbins5@outlook.com.  

Leave phone number and I’ll get back to you. Post cards are ten in a pack and $15.99-Shipping included. Order soon! Send the Congress your message that will get noticed on the important topic of Net Neutrality.

Thank You!