Basis For Model Values. Viral Resistance.

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Once the virus mutated and thus became more resistant to anti-bodies…Modifications in existing treatments through changes at the research level ,in lab, could be targeted to the mutations. This process helped in counter acting the effects of the virus becoming more resistant. More improvements were made. In pharmaceutical research laboratories that wanted to cause changes to batteries of infection fighting drugs and counter agents for viral changes that resulted in drugs being less effective in treatments.
That was on that side of things. The resistance side.
*What all that meant to me was…. That over medicating had something to do with a build up of resistance to certain drugs, such as Penicillin, but that the overall problem was more complicated than just over medicating the poor, (especially, in the Native American Healthcare System) as we were told. ^This was way before I became a research scientist.
The virus that was…

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