Second Question: About the VA and Affordable Health Care AXE “Why Are Wait Times So Long?”

Question- “Why are wait times to get tests back or to see a doctor at the VA clinics, (sometimes) so long?”
Answer: Soldiers and veterans should see a doctor in the VA or a private doctor. Don’t wait to see a doctor. The VA is set up to transfer the Veteran who is seeing a doctor at a VA clinic to the main facility if it is necessary. The main VA facility might be more than 15 miles away. The VA provides transportation in a lot of cases to those facilities, for the Veteran. The VA does not charge for the patient lift. If you can schedule the tests at the main facility, you may get to see the doctor faster than if you wait for tests to come back to the clinic in your area.

In the private Health Care sector, there are more and more stories of longer and longer wait times to see doctors for primary care. Or, primary care physicians. One reason is the shortage of doctors who handle primary care cases. Those physicians are overbooked and underpaid. The government actually  cut the money paid to the MD’s who see patients with Medicare or Medicaid. Many doctors have dropped patient visits because of the payment policies under the Affordable Health Care Axe. (“Chop! Chop!”)  Doctor humor.  This makes a situation where there are more patients to see fewer doctors. Even my primary care physician hasn’t seen me about my heart meds. I can’t get a refill until the office OK’s it.

“Be sure to check with your doctor and ask if there is any changes in your Meds that need to be looked into. I’m OK for now but having a medication cut could result in problems, later.”

At the Cherokee clinic here in this town where I live the wait time to see a doctor is up to two months. If you have a concern about your health, don’t wait. See a doctor soon.