Convicted murderer was hit with Taser leading up to execution, report shows | News OK “Boo Hoo!”

    If we replaced the death penalty in our criminal justice system with a more reasonable and humane form of executions, (firing squads), things like this wouldn’t happen.

   The death penalty belongs in a system that is dedicated to dealing with the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. The death penalty doesn’t belong in the system of justice that deals with normal crimes and punishments.

   The death penalty and appeals courts costs hundreds of thousands of dollars; sometimes over a million. This expense is counterproductive to the state justice system and rehabilitation/reform ideas that have politically formed the prison and justice systems.

  The costs of death penalty cases isn’t fair to other inmates who can be rehabilitated. Money is necessary to give prisoners a chance at rehabilitation.  Many of those inmates are people who are in jails because of drug charges or non violent crimes.

  Terrorists at whatever level should be tried in a different system, This would eleviate  some of the  burden of costs on the state system. That would be a good thing.

   Trying to portray the criminal as the victim is a subtle form of snide attitude on the part of the liberal media. Asking why someone should be on death row for terrorizing people is absurd. 

Yes those men who buried the victim of a robbery alive and raped a baby and killed it deserve the death penalty. Our state should not have to spend the money to continually appeal the obvious crimes that were committed. 

   The death penalty should be carried out by a separate system. 

  Firing squads should be the preferred method of execution. The executions could be administered by national guard or military police.