DonRobbinsReturns Death Penalty Debate- Opinion by Don Robbins


 Will the debate on the death penalty be a factor in upcoming elections? I think so.

I believe that the death penalty argument is more of a religious matter than it is a political point.

Personally, I don’t uphold the death penalty in a corrupt system. Death is not something corrupt officials should have at their disposal for any reason in a fascist run government state.

Death penalties, in the corrections system,  is the government playing God. The idea that problems are solved by executions is absurd. 

 With the social order, that is controlled by fascists in the political parties, the death penalty is more of a tool that is used for control over the masses by the super powerful. It, in itself, is a political statement.

Less complicated and mostly painless, firing squads would be better in a circumstance where terrorists are dealt with legally by the justice system. 

That is a matter of military oversight. When crimes that are horrible in nature and that are generated to cause disturbance of domestic tranquility or spread fear by organized terror squads, then, yes, a firing squad under the control of the military or federal authorities would be in order.

There is a place and a  reason for the death penalty, but it’s not in the public system of justice in cases of domestic violence.

Love first. Hate last.