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   Easter 2014. Springtime. 
You know, a lot of people celebrate Easter, suffering themselves or portraying the suffering of Jesus on the cross, but I don’t believe in all that stuff. 
 I believe that Easter should be a time of receiving. Receiving the spirit of Jesus. Sharing his spirit with people is the reason he gave up his life on the roughly hewed wooden thing. Some call it a cross. Some call it a torture stake. As far as what actual evidence there was, it was probably a torture stake with a wooden sign near the top, making it look like a cross. The word (crux) is the main reason that the idea of the cross came into the doctrine of the church and the explanations of the crucifixion. 
It is assumable that if several men were executed together in the manner of hanging them on a crux, the device was probably one thing. Like a multiple cross structure. (There was no evidence of hole drilled into solid rock to hold wooden beams.)

 A platform would make more sense. I think. It doesn’t matter anyway. The point is that Jesus died for our sins and shed his own blood on a cross (of some sorts) so that we could receive his spirit. And along with it, blessings that would enable us to fix ourselves and eventually the rest of the world. To live a good life and go to Heaven and live forever with him. 

And have Easter Potatoe hunts. If your not failure with the custom of the Easter Potatoe hunt on Easter, it’s a game where brightly colored potatoes are hidden and people look for them. Sometimes there are prizes inside of hollowed out potatoes or fake potatoes with candy inside of them. It’s fun!

I spell potato like (potatoe) because that’s the way we were taught in school. True story.

Happy Easter.  And; Good hunting!