DonRobbinsNewCMagazine PBR Streetgang. *The real PBR Streetgang.


“PBR Streetgang- The Real PBR Streetgang” (Puff Daddy)

   Take care of your own leaves still hanging around from last fall. I have some on the back slab that I can put in a garbage bag and take to the trash. 
  I’m not under threat to clean the dead leaves off the concrete in back of the apartment. They’re jammed under the BBQ and I usually burn them in the fire when I first BBQ. The platoon might think I’m being non fascist but not really. I’m not really into being really tidy, any way. Not that tidy anyway. Really I’m not.
   I’m into the cluttered country look. The neighbors like the prison concentration camp-boot camp look. I don’t care much about the stract. Got my share of ultra neat and tidy  in real boot camp.

   I’m the “TRASH” and under attack because someone did something hateful to Jewish people in Kansas. It works that way. One crime and there’s a hundred retaliations. 
    What if there are a hundred retaliations for every retaliation from the first retaliation. It never ends! That’s all it is, is continual retaliation upon retaliation. Hate begets hate. 
    Be still and know that God has it all under control. don’t worry so much.
  When you get down to the last person of your kind, then start worrying. They never quit anyway. My whole life has been a giant hate crime. 
 Like where I come from, the police don’t even pick up the bodies. 
  The little kid calls them Puff Daddy and the policeman from Dallas doesn’t even know what that is. 
    The policeman asks the kids who got off the bus why they didn’t call the police about the dead bodies laying there in the back of the store. The kid says, “because I can’t reach the phone.”  “Puff Daddy.”
  The little girl says,  “that’s your Puff Daddy.” (And back and forth.)
  The Dallas Policeman asks “what’s a Puff Daddy? “
The kid says, “your a puff daddy.”- “your her puff daddy!”, and laughs.
  The policeman asks me what a puff daddy is. I tell him, “it’s a body that has puffed up in the heat, usually crawling with maggots and stinking.” 
  He shakes his head and walks back to the police car.
  The kid follows, saying: aren’t you the police?” “Why don’t you call the police?”
   The next day the policeman is standing in my front yard asking about a body laying in the street. I give him a lecture about things. He’s a rookie from Dallas.
  “First of all… you don’t get out of the car.” “Ever.” “Call it in and let someone else handle it.”
 “Secondly don’t ever go up to doors and ask questions.” “The mob and the gangs, terrorists from several countries, the CIA, the police, NSA, FBI, they don’t leave witnesses.”
    “They don’t care if your the police.” “We’re , (Me and the little kids there) are the only protection you have for about three hundred miles.” 

   – PBR Streetgang. *The real PBR Streetgang.