The Truth About Patient Care Under ObamaCare. | DonRobbinsReturns

The Truth About Patient Care Under ObamaCare. | DonRobbinsReturns.

Medicaid does not cover the patient for certain services or specialized care while in the hospital. If the patients aren’t covered they can literally die without the proper care they need. This is Obamacare.
   Millions of people have been told they would be universally covered on Medicaid so they signed up for Medicaid. It may be too late if they have to go to the hospital and they are not covered for special care or services needed. People could die in this situation.
   Other people are not covered. And the people who are covered on the job may be next to lose coverage if the business refuses to continue coverage after mandatory requirements are finally imposed. Ultimately 50 million people or more could wind up without coverage in a system where criteria in patient care has been stripped and replaced with the care if you have coverage, nobody knows what, if you don’t. The right to medical care has been destroyed by Obamacare.
    Do not expect proper coverage on Medicare. Get coverage from a reputable insurance company if you can.
   States should enact emergency laws to guarantee care for patients who face life threatening situations. And send the bill to the idiots in Washington.