Going To Heaven Is Your Decision- People Are Not Condemned For sin. | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine

Going To Heaven Is Your Decision- People Are Not Condemned For sin. | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.

Going To Heaven Is Your Decision- People Are Not Condemned For sin.

  There is no right version of wrong. Wrong is wrong. For ages men have tried to attack the premise of the bible. Some have said that the bible was mistranslated in some text so it’s all invalidated as a guideline of what is right and wrong. That’s not true. The bible is the best reference to what is right or wrong. It always has been. If it isn’t perfect it isn’t because the word of God isn’t perfect. There may have been things added on a religious basis, in the past, I don’t doubt that, but there are other ways to correct the propagated additions of Zealots or purposeful mistranslations.
   (The mistranslations in the Codex sinaiticus for example.)  Such variance was covered up into the dark ages.
   The Reformation struggled to correct the manipulative and sometimes coercive fabricated scriptural text and the Vatican and their lapdogs in minor establishments followed suit. 
   Looking at things from the standpoint of the Knights Templar  it seems that any findings of artifacts or manuscripts that would invalidate the lies of the faked translations were destroyed and all witnesses were gotten rid of. That practice apparently continued until modern times. As the attacks on the truth continued by Vatican sponsored terrorists and Zealots of the Catholic Church.
   The cover up of the discovery of the Excalibur and Israeli Temple vestments by English intelligence is a perfect example of the policies of government and Vatican to protect their lies and cover the truth. The bible has enough truth in it as it is to be validated as authentic.  


Artifacts of the first recordings of events or covenant text are probably somewhere to be found. 
The purpose is to locate and publicize the findings that can clarify and prove scripture and bible facts such as the treasure of Solomon validating his existence and demand that artifacts be made available to public inspections. 
 The truth about sin, including sex sin, is that people were once condemned for sin but Jesus and salvation of the world through the mercy and grace of God, changed that. 
People are not condemned for sin, now, thanks to God’s mercy. People can go to Heaven regardless of the sins in their lives, including sex sins. But sin is not allowed in Heaven,either.
    Nor does Jesus say that men are OK to sin. He says do the will of the Father in Heaven if you want to live in Heaven. 
     You are saved, that is true but you do have to accept the covenant that allows you to be saved out of the darkness and live in heaven in Jesus’ name, forever.
     You have the right to go to heaven. But it’s your decision.