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On the issue of Christian verses Gay:  (According to the bible.)

First of all, covenant laws do not apply to everybody. Covenant laws were agreed to and upheld in a community of people called Hebrews. There is a difference between the people of Abraham and the Abrahamic covenant and the first temple worshipers, as they are called, who built the first church state temple in an area close to the original Sodom and Gomorrah. The temple worshipers and their descendants are the people we are actually talking about. The people of Abraham could be thought of as one of the lost tribes of Israel. Abraham was against the temple being built before the Hebrews went into captivity.

The covenant of Abraham was followed by Abraham and his people. Others were of the same faith but not followers of Abraham.  They lived north of Abraham at the time. The ones who built the first temple in the original Jerusalem,  in southern Israel. Here’s a map:

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