A Response To The Issue Of Christian Verses Gay- First Temple- Abraham Covenant- Damnation-Hell (Revised) | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine

A Response To The Issue Of Christian Verses Gay- First Temple- Abraham Covenant- Damnation-Hell (Revised) | DonRobbinsNewCMagazine.


A Response To The Issue Of Christian Verses Gay- First Temple- Abraham Covenant- Damnation-Hell (Revised)

    On the issue of Christian verses Gay:  (According to the bible.)

First of all, covenant laws do not apply to everybody. Covenant laws were agreed to and upheld in a community of people called Hebrews. There is a difference between the people of Abraham and the Abrahamic covenant and the first temple worshipers, as they are called, who built the first church state temple in an area close to the original Sodom and Gomorrah. The temple worshipers and their descendants are the people we are actually talking about. The people of Abraham could be thought of as one of the lost tribes of Israel. Abraham was against the temple being built before the Hebrews went into captivity.

The covenant of Abraham was followed by Abraham and his people. Others were of the same faith but not followers of Abraham.  They lived north of Abraham at the time. The ones who built the first temple in the original Jerusalem,  in southern Israel. Here’s a map:

   This map represents locations during the lifetime of Abraham. The first temple would be somewhere north of Gomorrah. (That’s a guesstimate).
     The first temple was built by the settlers after Abraham was dead.
     The covenant of Abraham is where the concepts of the promised land came from. A combination of the laws of Abraham from the Abraham covenant and new laws by the temple builders were combined to form what is today thought of as the covenant laws of the Old Testament in the bible.
   The philosophy of the laws being imposed on the people was one of the idea of payment for sins that somehow kept the sinner from going to hell forever. If the transgressions were not paid for the person who was guilty of sin could automatically go to hell and be dammed to live there forever, literally. Seriously. It was a real place. The sinner, in some cases could go to hell without dying and become a prisoner. Really, they could.
   In those days, if you sinned you went to hell. There were real curses associated with sin. Real devils, real sickness. An agreement to have help from God was made by those people in the form of an agreement called a covenant. God agreed to help and protect them if they followed the laws he required of them to follow. Simple.
   One of the covenant laws had to do with regulating sexual behaviors. The penalties for violating those laws could be death, banishment, sentenced to hell.
    One of the reasons for the strict laws was because you could get devils like getting a cold, today. It was easy to become contaminated, so to speak.
    Being in the spirit helped to protect the person and community from invasion from the evils in the world. Satan had power over people through sin. That’s how things worked. Being free from sin, if possible, was the idea. Godly people were free from sin and they were blessed. Blessings were good, curses were bad.
    Spirit of God good. Spirits of evil bad. The death sentences and banishments were like quarantine from deadly diseases. Sin wasn’t thought of as a disease but as something that resulted in diseases.
    In today’s world you are defended from those same evil spirits by the spirit of Jesus, whether you know it or not.
    Jesus came into the world to set people free from the Old Covenant laws. and so you could be saved out of hell and death. Jesus went into hell and set the captives free. His name means grace. Through his spirit is salvation. His spirit is in his name, Jesus. Receiving his spirit is like being a covenant person free from sin! See?
    Jesus is the savior. Not the ability to uphold the laws of the Old Covenant. But it is not to purposely violate God’s commandments against sin, or to promote it as good or acceptable in the world or in Heaven.
It’s not acceptable to God just because he forgives you for the sins you commit. There are and can be consequences from sin. Sin is not a good thing for the world or man. Sin can cause negative outcomes.
   Christians don’t stone people for sins. There is no need to keep suggesting ignorance as a answer to things you are mistaken about. Jesus did not stone people for sins. Don’t be a liar and a hypocrite. Don’t reject the love that God has for you and replace it with evil that’s bad for you and the evil you do that’s bad for others in turn.
    You can still seek damnation through sin, it’s your decision. But God has a plan to save people out of their own ignorance, it’s called salvation. The New Covenant is more concerning the gospel of Jesus than it is the laws of the Old Covenant.
   Throwing the Old Covenant up into every body’s face to try and make a point about how religion doesn’t belong in the modern world, as far as your concerned, because of the strictness of laws that applied to a group of people thousands of years ago is just a cop out. Your avoiding the truth of the love of God.
    You can’t make your point without saying intolerance of sin is called hate. And you know that’s not true.
    God does not tolerate sin, that is true, but the Church does not condemn people for it.
    There are people who believe that the Old Covenant still applies to the church. They believe that people are still condemned for sin. But that doesn’t mean that all Christian believers think the way they do. Or, that it is a contest of wills between those institutions of religion and the Gay communities.
     You get attention by arguing about certain matters, that’s fine, but there are also consequences to certain actions with respect to yourself and ultimately, society.
    Self indulgence is not the answer to the problem of bigotry.

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