Looking For Evidence Of The Gospels Written On Objects – Excalibur- The Grail- Truth


Looking For Evidence Of The Gospels Written

On Objects – Excalibur- The Grail- Truth

   Was the bombing, in 2004, north of St. Catherines Monestary an attempt to destroy evidence of the Abraham settlement that was actually in that area of the Sinai desert?
   If you understand that there has been an ages old attempt to sequester the truth from people by the bible controllers, then it’s not difficult to suspect destruction of evidence of the actual scriptures.
   Have you ever been in a situation where your rival would rather destroy something than see you with it, if they can’t have it? Think of it like that.
   You have to understand that alterations could have taken place by translators on purpose. I’m not saying that the Codex was mistranslated into Greek by the Vatican as a matter of propagating their belief in the principals of gospel enlightenment but there are those who suggest as much.
   If the prisoners are set free by the truth, then, the jailer is the deceivers.
    The struggle between good and evil always centers on those who seek the truth and those who suppress the truth.
  Once I held Excalibur in my hands. Validating the story of Camelot and King Arthur. The treasures of Solomon. The Ark of the Covenant.
   The ultimate prize is the Grail. Next to the Grail itself is the original scriptures of Abraham, including the records of the accounts of the gospels by the authors.
    Look more so to other objects that can hold
the original text, including those that are part text and part hieroglyphics.